20 years of Magic: Welcome to Our Re-Branded Africa Magic


20 years, 7 channels and about 622.5 billion Naira in investment in local content development. In 2003 we began our journey of telling authentic Nigerian stories with the launch of Africa Magic.

We were intent on creating a platform where the everyday Nigerian could see themselves represented in relatable stories reflecting our cultures and life in Nigeria, told ‘by us, for us’ – the Naija way. Now, we celebrate an iconic milestone – celebrating 20 years of creating and telling original Nigerian stories, producing and licensing over 25,000 hours of authentic Nigerian content.

Africa Magic launched as a single channel in Nigeria and has now expanded into a cluster of 7 channels, telling our stories in: English and indigenous languages – Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba and broadcasting to over 42 African countries reaching millions of households, across income groups.

This milestone would have not been possible without the support of our loyal viewers who have grown with us through the evolution of different genres from the days of Doctor’s Quarters and Tinsel to religiously following every season of BB Naija and Nigerian Idol.

Our success has also been underpinned by our partnership and support from Nollywood in developing critical skillsets to help us deliver iconic productions, launching careers and uncovering global talent.

This is a story of a collective victory. The support of viewers and the industry has enabled Africa Magic to celebrate 20 years of non-stop groundbreaking Nigerian content.

In celebration of this milestone, Africa Magic has undergone a re-brand to signify a new era of pushing even more boundaries and finding new frontiers in local storytelling and to reflect even more closely an Africa Magic that is the mirror image of our viewers and in response to their tastes; while keeping at the core, the celebration of African diversity, our rich culture, and the people in the many creative expressions of who we are.

The refresh of the Mother brand logo and Channel Imaging is to reflect the Africa Magic that is rejuvenated, vibrant, ageless and in tune with our evolving viewers. Creating consistency between our channels, our audiences, and our content. This was the principle that guided most of our design thinking. Creating a brand look and 7 channel identities that felt like an extension of our content. A seamless integration of our “who, what, where, and why”. We wanted to see our Nigeria, our people, and our stories reflected, amplified, and celebrated. Our way.

Africa Magic Showcase

A showcase is a situation or event that makes it possible for the best features of something to be seen. A spectacule an occasion, or medium for exhibiting something or someone especially in an attractive or favorable aspect.

AMShowcase had always been the channel where the best of our best is exhibited for the viewing pleasure of our audience. In its refreshed dynamic state, it teal colors reminds us of the civility and clarity, open communication, and practical thinking that goes into all that the channel exhibits.

Not too evocative, AMShowcase lends itself as a means for stress relief with the plethora of programming that makes it the darling for appointment viewing after a hard day of work.

Africa Magic Urban

Urban – a word borrowed from French meaning “belonging to a city, courteous, of manners or style, cultivated, polished, refined, sophisticated. Contemporary. The ruby red base color represents the intense feelings and passionate nature of the channel.

AMUrban’s single-minded goal is to stimulate the senses and invoke ambition for the what can be. AMUrban’s drapery is dynamic depicting the fluidity of the myriad of ideas of the people. What keeps all this motion and change thrilling is that, if you blink, you could miss some of the more intriguing content on the channel.

Being a “color of action,” Ruby Red invigorates courage, strength, power, just like AM Urban.

Africa Magic Family

Family is a rollercoaster of emotions, core memories and events – moments of optimism bursting with energy, times of joy, happiness and friendship, and even in the sad times. Times when intellect and achievements are celebrated or even when jealousy, betrayal, illness and danger are on the horizon. These are the ties that bind us as families – whether by blood, bond or choice.

These are the themes that drive the choice of our shows on AM Family and these are evoked in the colors of the AM Family and the circles remind us of those we relate to, of family, the friends – you – who we’ve gathered around us, of our communities.

The yellow of our AM Family is a reminder of the happiness and optimism, harmony, communication, and loyalty that fosters positive relationships and encourages open and honest communication within a family unit.

Africa Magic Epic

Inspired by Africa’s traditional roots with movies and series depicting cultural aspects of who we are as a collective and the millennia of stories and histories that tie us together.

The blue color of our AM Epic is the color of the ocean and the sky; it symbolizes serenity, stability, inspiration, and wisdom of our forebears which they have passed down to us and is the calming colour that reminds us of the reliability and truth of this shared heritage.

It reminds us of the constancy of time and acts as the reassurance of a future for generations yet to come.

Africa Magic Hausa

The ‘Dagin Arewa’ emblem is an older and traditionally established emblem of Hausa identity – also known as the ‘Northern knot’ – in a star shape, used in historic and traditional architecture, design and hand-embroidery.

This features as a celebration of the rich culture of the Hausa-speaking peoples of Nigeria and across Africa. A people who are graceful and elegant in carriage and this comes through in our use of the Arewa symbol.

In Hausa culture, green is a color that represents the growth, harmony and rejuvenation that comes after a time of dryness. A revival of hope.

AM Hausa celebrates the rich history, lives and culture of this proud people.

Africa Magic Yoruba

The color “osan/topala” orange represents warmth, enthusiasm, and creativity in Yoruba culture – traits that are synonymous with the Yoruba-speaking people of southwestern Nigeria. The indefatigable sense of optimism of the Yoruba people conveys a message of positivity. Their warm and welcoming way of being is also encapsulated in this.

AM Yoruba presents a slate of the rich culture and history of the Yoruba people in time past, present and in future to your viewing pleasure in high definition.

The Adire – “tie and dye” – is a centuries-old art form made famous by women in southwestern Nigeria. As well as being an art form, adire is a means of telling stories and preserving histories.

AM Yoruba is in the same way as the patchwork and imagery on adire textiles, extracting the stories of the life and the endurance of the Yoruba people and preserving them for posterity – we share the passion for storytelling.

Africa Magic Igbo

Purple symbolizes magic – Africa Magic. It depicts the mystery, spirituality, the subconscious, creativity, dignity, and royalty of a people – just like the Igbo people of South Eastern Nigeria.

Variations of purple convey different meanings: Light purples are light-hearted, floral, and romantic – typical of a people with many facets.

Represented also by the “ofo” a staff of held by those who have been entrusted with the power to govern or lead a people and the Nigerian Nsibidi symbols – the oldest form of writing in Africa.

AM Igbo continues to put on display this rich culture with a stamp of authority from the “ofo” to keep you where the show is happening! This is our AM Igbo.

The enthusiasm around this anniversary and rebrand has been incredibly humbling and invigorating. The feedback and comments from across the industry has kept the momentum going. Maybe it’s because Africa Magic is rewriting the rules and redefining what the brand means in a more authentic way, but something shifted for the entire team. Africa Magic is a brand the audience sees themselves, their families, and communities in – which is an extremely exciting place to be. After 20 years, Africa Magic is more than ready to show the world our own brand of magic – Africa Magic.


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