With AI In Luxury Business, Service Is Delivered Seamlessly – Ikenna Ordor


Famous entrepreneur Ikenna Ordor is set to shake up the high-end vehicle industry in Nigeria by expanding his business, Starr Luxury Cars, to his home country.

He shares his business model and idea with Cyber Reporters in Lagos.

Can you tell us about your background and how your parents influenced your career path?

I owe a significant part of my career journey to my mother. Unfortunately, my father, who was a politician and the Chairman of PDP in Abia State, did not have the chance to shape my career due to his tragic assassination in 2011.

With AI In Luxury Business, Service Is Delivered Seamlessly - Ikenna Ordor
Ikenna Ordor

As a nurse, my mother played a pivotal role in my upbringing. During my formative years in London, I had the opportunity to observe and learn from her hard work and entrepreneurial spirit. Though I often complained when she asked me to help her with various tasks, those experiences instilled in me the values of hard work and entrepreneurship that define me today. In essence, my entrepreneurial spirit was nurtured by my mother.

What year did you lose your father?

My father passed away in 2011. While we weren’t exceptionally close, we shared some meaningful moments together. His busy political career limited our time together during my formative years. He did accompany me to London shortly after the millennium, which was a memorable experience.

When you thought about bringing Star Luxury to Nigeria, what were your plans?

When expanding to Nigeria, our primary concern was ensuring that we maintain the same high standards of service that Star Luxury is known for globally. We are more of a platform, and our partners handle various aspects such as insurance, security, and vehicle maintenance. Our primary goal was to replicate the impeccable service levels that our clients are accustomed to in cities like Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Dubai, Milan, and Athens. Nigeria’s challenge has been in building and maintaining high-quality structures. Our focus was on ensuring that we could uphold our reputation for excellence in service here as well.

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What challenges have you encountered or prepared for in the Nigerian business space?

I’ve heard concerns about my enthusiasm and potential challenges in Nigeria, but I’m well aware of the complexities of the Nigerian market. My experience with Nigerians, both in my hospitality business in London and while dealing with Nigerian clients, has provided me with valuable insights. We are taking a close look at all the territories we operate in and working diligently to meet the high service standards our clients expect. As we continue to grow, I am committed to ensuring that we excel in our home country.

How are you positioning Star Luxury to gain a significant market share in Nigeria?

Our approach to growth is based on compounded growth. We are market leaders and pioneers in the luxury transport industry. We offer a 360-degree luxury transport platform that includes chauffeur services and self-drive options. Our focus is on providing consistent and convenient services to our clients. We are constantly expanding our network, ensuring that our clients have easy access to our services. As we progress and launch our app, we aim to further streamline our operations and capture even more market share.

What unique aspects have you introduced to your business that set it apart?

Our core focus is on delivering exceptional service to our clients. We believe that by delighting our clients, they will become repeat customers. We are committed to punctuality, which is essential in our industry. In addition, we have integrated technology, including AI, to anticipate and meet our clients’ needs more effectively. For example, we use AI to send push notifications to travellers who regularly book our services, reminding them to make reservations for upcoming trips. We are also dedicated to sustainability and have included electric cars in our fleet.

Are you planning to expand to other African countries?

Yes, we are planning to expand to Lagos, Abuja, Ghana, and South Africa. We have already begun our operations in Lagos and Abuja, and our website, Star Africa, is ready to accommodate bookings. Our goal is to establish a strong presence in these markets and cater to the growing demand for luxury transportation.

Do you have an onsite office in Nigeria?

Currently, we don’t have an onsite office in Nigeria, but we are actively working on establishing one. The pace of our business growth has been faster than we anticipated, and we are doing our best to catch up with the increasing demand.

What role do you believe the government can play in promoting the luxury sector in Nigeria?

I believe the government can contribute significantly to promoting the luxury sector in Nigeria. First and foremost, Nigeria should be marketed as a holiday destination, attracting both local and international visitors. The government can enhance this sector by creating a conducive environment for luxury businesses to thrive, which will, in turn, benefit the economy. Government policies can play a pivotal role in supporting and boosting the luxury industry.

Are you open to investors for your business?

Yes, I am open to investors and have received commitments from friends and family, amounting to £2 million. I am actively exploring investment opportunities to raise £10 million to further fuel our growth and expansion plans.


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